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Let your imagination soar as the Theatre Performance and Creation students in the RDC School of Creative Arts bring their characters to life on stage. Our season would not be possible without the hard-working, professional Theatre and Entertainment Production students, providing behind-the-scenes support with costumes, props, weaponry, special effects, lighting, sound equipment, and stage management. 

Retro Radio Christmas Review
– live, on stage – by various authors

Age Group: Teens and Adults
Mainstage, Arts Centre
Evenings:  November 23 -25 & November 28 – December 2 | 7:30 pm
Weekend Public Matinees: November 25 & December 2 | 1:00 pm
School Matinees: November 24 & Dec 1 | 12:00 pm

Imagine yourself transported to the golden age of radio. Our actors will be portraying some of the biggest names in radio from some of the great Christmas classics. See how all those sound effects are created live on stage and what really happens between the performers when the broadcast goes live. A great evening for the whole family.
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Major Barbara
by George Bernard Shaw
Age Group: Teens and Adults
Mainstage, Arts Centre
Evenings:  February 8-10 & 13-17 | 7:30 pm
Weekend Public Matinees: February 10 & 17 | 1:00 pm
School Matinees: February 15 | 12:00 pm

As a Major in the Salvation Army, Barbara saves lives and saves souls by helping the poor and confronting social injustice. Andrew Undershaft, her fabulously wealthy father and arms industrialist, is looking to buy his salvation and acquire an heir. In the balance lies the fight for their moral conscience.  Filled with lively comedy and sparkling wit, one of Shaw’s slyest satirical triumphs uses irony and humour to debate the true ‘price’ of morality.
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School of Husbands/School of Wives
by Molière 
Age Group: Teens and Adults
Studio A, Arts Centre
Evenings:  April 5-7 & 10-14 | 7:30 pm
Weekend Public Matinees: April 7 & 14 | 1:00 pm
School Matinees: April 12 | 12:00 pm

School's in! Intent on instructing the perfect wife, wealthy suitors Sgaranlle and Arnolphe each approach the situation differently, but surprisingly with similar results. Controlling and short-sighted, each mature suitor is tricked by lessons in love that only youth can fully appreciate. Smile in mischievous delight as the beautiful young wards turn the tables on their unlucky mentors. No matter the intent, the girls get the highest grads in their pair of playful stories from France's greatest humourist.
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Solo Flight - 2nd Theatre Performance and Creation students
Evening: March 16 | 7:30 pm  Studio A, Arts Centre
Admission by donation at the door