Welcome to School of Creative Arts Showtime

At the Theatre Concert Series Film Events Exhibitions

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Arts,

Welcome to another exciting season of performances, concerts, screenings, and exhibitions. We greatly appreciate your past support and patronage and are proud to offer our lineup for 2017 | 2018.

Behind every creative work presented this year is a learner. Our season features pieces and presentations by students in all stages of their academic careers, from first year students just beginning their formal training to fourth year students presenting final projects for their applied degrees. However, in addition to these young artists that fit the traditional definition of the word student, the faculty members featured in this year’s season are also committed to lifelong learning. Our faculty members are professional actors, technicians, designers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, directors, and scholars. They also continue to be students of their craft, logging countless hours of practice, warm-up, research, revision, and restarts.

As our audience, you are not exempt from being cast in the role of learner. We invite you to seek out other works by the composers and playwrights that are featured this year and to keep an eye out for future pieces by the artists that present original works.

Thank you to the many contributors who make our season possible: audience members who attend events; parents, spouses, and significant others who support our artists as they follow their passion; donors who create opportunities through facilities, equipment, and scholarships; faculty and staff who guide and inspire; and of course our students who are taking the first steps towards long and rewarding careers as creative professionals.

Learning is at the heart of what we do every day at RDC, and we are glad you have decided to take the journey with us this year. Your seat is waiting! 

Jason Frizzell
Dean, School of Creative Arts