Herringer Kiss Gallery features Frizzell's Worn Out Shoes and Back Page News

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Fri, 12/15/2017
Jason Frizzell exhibition

As Dean of the School of the Creative Arts at RDC, Jason Frizzell still makes time to express his artistic passion. “Being a practicing artist is important to me personally and professionally,” said Frizzell. “It is part of who I am, so carving out studio time is a priority.”

Frizzell’s Worn Out Shoes and Back Page News, which is displayed at the Herringer Kiss Gallery November 16 to December 23 in Calgary, features 12 miniature dioramas that showcase uncertain relationships rendered in 1:87 scale and explore themes of isolation, transition, denial and discovery. Frizzell’s exhibition has come together over several years. “Worn Out Shoes and Back Page News has been produced over the past two years, but it is the vein of sculptural work that I have been working on for the last ten years,” said Frizzell, a full-time RDC faculty member since 1999.

Frizzell has been associated with the Herringer Kiss Gallery since 2015. “The relationship with the gallery began just after my work was included in the Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art. This has been a fantastic relationship for my career as an artist and I certainly hope it continues for years to come,” said Frizzell. “I’m not sure when my next formal exhibition will take place there, but my work is always available through the gallery and their website.”

Frizzell is appreciative of RDC’s encouragement to continually explore creative avenues. “The support that Red Deer College faculty and staff receive to pursue their professional research and creative production is tremendous. Our RDC faculty, technical support staff and administration team are practicing artists, committed to teaching and learning, and the pursuit of excellence in their individual fields,” said Frizzell. “Any time one of our Creative Arts family engages in public dissemination of their creative research, it reflects well on RDC and enhances our image as a mature academic institution, and validates the pursuit of applied research as legitimate scholarly activity. I am very proud to be an alumnus of the RDC Visual Art Program.”

Frizzell’s art can be viewed on the Herringer Kiss Gallery website.

For more information on the RDC School of the Creative Arts, please visit rdc.ab.ca/showtime

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