Bachelor of Commerce

Over 92% of students are satisfied with this program!


We offer:

  • The ability to take this program for two years at RDC and then transfer to a University
  • The ability to choose five majors when transferring: Accounting, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, Oil & Gas Administration

You will:

  • Gain background skills and knowledge in the various specialized areas of business
  • Gain background skills and knowledge in humanaities and social sciences
  • Deveop the ability to analyze various organizational programs of a human and/or technical nature
  • Save money by completing your degree at RDC!

Why are we great:

  • We have passionate faculty that pass that passion along to you
  • We offer full or part-time learning

Enables you to pick up the first two years of a four-year business degree that can then be completed at an Alberta university.

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Work Search Strategies Sheet

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