Program Quick Facts

RDC offers more than 100 different credit programs, housed in seven Schools, for you to choose from. This includes: trades, certificates, diplomas, graduate certificates and applied degrees, as well as collaborative degrees with our partners. RDC also offers a variety of programs and courses in our School of Continuing Education. As we embark on our journey to become a university, we will continue to offer the breadth of programs we do now, plus grant our own degrees. With options to study full-time, part-time or even online, you have lots of flexibility to reach your learning and career goals in a way that works for you.

Once you find a program that matches your future goals, explore Admissions & Registration so you can get started!

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Academic Upgrading
Administrative Professional, Certificate
Adult and Higher Education Instructor, Post Diploma - NEW!
Agricultural Food Business Management, Bachelor of Science
Agriculture, Bachelor of Science
Animation and Visual Effects, Bachelor of Applied Arts - NEW!
Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts
Atmospheric Sciences, Bachelor of Science
Automotive Service Technician, Apprenticeship
Aviation, Certificate
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Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts - University Of Calgary
Bachelor of Science and Pre-professional Programs
Biochemistry, Bachelor of Science
Biological Sciences, Bachelor of Science
Business Administration, Bachelor - Mount Royal University
Business Administration, Diploma
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Carpenter, Apprenticeship
Chemistry, Bachelor of Science
Chiropractic, Bachelor of Science Pre-Professional
Commerce, Bachelor
Communications Studies, Bachelor of Arts
Cook, Apprenticeship
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Dentistry, Bachelor of Science Pre-Professional
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Early Learning & Childcare, Certificate
Early Learning & Childcare, Diploma
Economics, Bachelor of Arts
Education - Middle Years, Bachelor - University of Alberta
Education, Bachelor
Education/Science Combined, Bachelor
Educational Assistant, Certificate
eLearning Instructor, Post-Diploma - NEW!
Electrical Engineering Technology, Diploma
Electrician, Apprenticeship
Engineering, Bachelor of Science
English, Bachelor of Arts
Environmental & Conservation Sciences, Bachelor of Science
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Film, Theatre, and Live Entertainment, Bachelor of Applied Arts - Apply Oct 1 for 2019
Fine Art, Bachelor
Forestry, Bachelor of Science
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General, Bachelor of Science
Geophysics, Bachelor of Science
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Health Care Management Post-Diploma Certificate - NEW!
Heavy Equipment Technician, Apprenticeship
History, Bachelor of Arts
Human Ecology, Bachelor of Science
Human Resources Management, Graduate Certificate - NEW!
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Industrial Mechanic (Millwright), Apprenticeship
Instrumentation and Control Technician, Apprenticeship
Instrumentation Engineering Technology
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Justice Studies - NEW!
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Kinesiology & Sport Studies, Bachelor
Kinesiology & Sport Studies, Diploma
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Legal Assistant, Diploma
Locksmith, Apprenticeship
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Management, Certificate
Math & Economics, Bachelor of Science
Mathematics, Bachelor of Science
Mechanical Engineering Technology, Diploma
Media Studies and Professional Communication
Medical Laboratory Assistant, Certificate
Medicine, Bachelor of Science Pre-Professional
Motion Picture Arts, Applied Bachelor - Red Deer College
Music, Diploma - SUSPENDED
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Nursing, Bachelor of Science - University Of Alberta
Nutrition & Food Science, Bachelor of Science
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Occupational and Physical Therapist Assistant, Diploma
Open Studies
Optometry, Bachelor of Science Pre-Professional
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Parts Technician, Apprenticeship
Pharmacy Technician, Diploma
Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science Pre-Professional
Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts
Physics, Bachelor of Science
Physiology, Bachelor of Science
Plumber, Apprenticeship
Political Science, Bachelor of Arts
Practical Nurse, Diploma
Pre-Health Sciences, Certificate - NEW!
Psychology, Bachelor of Arts
Psychology, Bachelor of Science
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Recreation, Sport & Tourism, Bachelor of Arts
Rig Technician, Apprenticeship
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Social Work, Bachelor - University Of Calgary
Social Work, Diploma
Sociology, Bachelor of Arts
Sprinkler System Installer, Apprenticeship
Statistics, Bachelor of Science
Steamfitter/Pipefitter, Apprenticeship
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Theatre & Entertainment Production, Diploma - SUSPENDED
Theatre Performance & Creation, Diploma - SUSPENDED
Transitional Vocational Program
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Unit Clerk, Certificate
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Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor of Science Pre-Professional - University of Calgary
Visual Art, Diploma
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Water Well Driller, Apprenticeship
Welder, Apprenticeship